A Few Facts About the World’s Most Well-Known Firearms Brand

If you are an avid firearms enthusiast, there are many brands that you know off the top of your mind. But, there are some brands that everyone knows, even when they’re not quite into firearms. One of those names is smith & wesson. There is no doubt that you know the name and the brand and what they’re all about. But, there are probably also many facts about the brand that you don’t know. To ease some of that worry, here are a few facts about the S&W brand firearm.

smith & wesson

1- Daniel Wesson and Horace Smith founded S&W in 1852. Due to financial constraints, the men were forced to sale their company a short time later. They sold it to none other than Oliver Winchester, the founder of the infamous firearms brand.

2- In 1856 after overcoming many financial difficulties, S&W released a new revolver. It was the first fully-contained weapon ever released.

3- S&W has made many successful firearms in their history, but some of them stand a cut above others. This includes their Model 10, 1880 .32 double action revolver, the .38 Special, and the .44 Model 29 released in 1955.

4- S&W has headquarters in both Maine and in Massachusetts. The brand is considered to be one of the leaders in the firearms industry and a large contributor to the business.

5- Law enforcement officials can attend the S&W Academy where they can learn firearms instruction from the very best. People from across the world attend these instructional classes and events.

This is only a few pieces of information about the brand, but details you probably didn’t know before. Isn’t this the firearms brand that you know and trust like so many others?